Writing assignment #3

Length: 3–4 pages
Due: April 6, 2017

Choose any of our short story authors, and find another short story by them. Compare the newfound story, to the story we read and discussed in class, in terms of its use of between one and three selected literary practices.

Be sure to:

  • Define and reference literary terms as per Assignment #2.
  • Find three outside sources and refer to each of them at least once within your essay, either by direct quotation, or paraphrasing.

Some examples:

1. We discussed Poe’s “The Black Cat” in terms of i) the unreliable narrator, ii) the question of whether the events were supernatural or whether there was a rational explanation (both of which are within the Gothic), and iii) Poe’s belief that a short story should be intensely focused. Chose another story by Poe and compare it to “The Black Cat” in terms of any, or all three, of these aspects.

2. We discussed Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” in terms of i) its regionalism, ii) its being a Southern Gothic, and iii) its first-person plural point of view. Chose another story by Faulkner and compare it to “A Rose for Emily” in terms of any, or all three, of these aspects.

3. We discussed Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” in terms of i) its exploration of changes in women’s roles, ii) its limited omniscient narrator, and iii) the irony of the ending. Chose another story by Chopin and compare it to “Story of an Hour” in terms of any, or all three, of these aspects.


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